• March 10, 2016
  • By AMFMS
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Near Death Experiences, onwards to SXSW

Thanks for all the messages friends. Regretfully we had to cancel our Nashville video sessions and our Hot Springs AK show at Maxine's due to a mechanic shop improperly installing a fuel pump, which then later started dumping fuel out that had it exploded, could have been a very memorable and deadly event. This led to another shop fixing it in Virginia, that damaged our driveshaft without telling us. The people of Winston Salem set things right (thanks particularly for the help Tucker from the Garage, you are a saint) and we are now on our way. SXSW is shaping up to be a great one with a half dozen shows with stellar lineups, and all the Pearl Snap that we can drink.

Check our tour dates out HERE for recent announcements on the shows. XOXO - Shawn

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