• December 16, 2015
  • By AMFMS
  • Comments Off on KCRW: Artist You Should Know: AMFMS – “The Girl” video

KCRW: Artist You Should Know: AMFMS – “The Girl” video

"East Coast rockers AMFMS have their debut EP, Captives, due in the new year, but a couple of tracks have made their way to the blogosphere. The latest is “The Girl,” a moody ditty reminiscent of classic 80s-era Echo & the Bunnymen or the Cure, and they have made a eerie video for the song that follows a ghostly encounter with a mysterious girl who gets caught in the net of a couple of guys out on a nocturnal fishing expedition. To the make the retro connection complete, the video features a lot of tricks that remind me of Mike Mansfield’sstring of memorable Adam Ant videos from the early 80s, including slow zooms, saturated lighting, backwards effects, and repeated actions. Throw in some obscure occult imagery & you’ve got some compelling viewing! " - KCRW DJ Eric J. Lawrence

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